Emma Masheder (nee Broadbent), West, 200-2002 Emma Masheder (nee Broadbent), West, 200-2002
Emma is part of a motley team of former Sierra Leone residents and friends who are attempting to collectively swim the length of the country's coastline (402km) over the 30 days of September, to raise money for relief and prevention efforts in response to the horrific mudslides that have left 3000 people homeless in the last few weeks: 
The tragedy was briefly reported but was understandably dwarfed by events in the Caribbean. Sierra Leone has no celebrity champions and suffers from public "concern fatigue"  following Ebola (not to mention the 1992-2001 civil war). 
Emma first started swimming when living in Freetown and water shortages meant the pool was her best bet for a shower.   IShe is now swimming between 2-3 miles per day in Putney and Accra, and will total more than 70km by September 30th. They are aiming to raise 10k, and have enlisted the support of Olympic swimmer and Sierra Leone role model Banturabie Jalloh.
Any info requests can go to Emma at the email address below.

Thank you for any support you can give.

Emma Masheder (