Many congratulations go to Jake Harvey (North 2011-2016), producer of short film Sunday Night Drinkers Club, which was officially released at the end of July.  Jake has been awarded Best Debut Actor and the film has been awarded Best Experimental Film at The Oniros Film Awards in Italy. 
Based on a true story, four childhood friends are thrown into turmoil when one is diagnosed with a severe form of cancer. Yet, this is not a bleak outlook on the trauma of cancer treatment. Sunday Night Drinkers Club is a visually striking film, designed to capture the relentless positivity and optimism of patients and patients' friends alike. The imperishable bond of friendship and love, ultimately, prevails over the hardship that the friends will endure.

Watch the moving tribute to his friend here:

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Jake Harvey (North 2011-2016) is working with associates of the BBC to produce a film dedicated to the loved ones of cancer patients and inspired by the story of his friend Jake Andrews (North 2011-2016), who sadly lost his battle against the disease last year.
Supported by Macmillan, the project uses Jake's blogs about his experience and treatment, is seeking crowdfunding.
Please take a moment to view a short clip and donate if you feel able to:
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