John Bowden (Cubitt, 1968-1973) and his team entered and won the first UK Rhino Charge last year, raising over £100,000 for Rhino Ark in the UK and in Kenya.

John's home built Land Rover 90 V8 hybrid now lives in Kenya having been flown out there as a charitable gesture by BA World Cargo in 2000. The work of Rhino Ark goes on apace and demands on their carefully managed funds are ever greater, so Team Gumtree 4X4, Car 9 and John are off too Kenya once more.  Any money donated will go directly to Rhino Ark and will be spent carefully and efficiently. Please help him raise money for this great cause by going to his fundraising page  https://www.justgiving.com/John-BowdenCar9.

Should you want any further information do contact him via jbowden@gumtree4x4.co.uk .